AI-Powered Social Media Management

Streamline your social media with AI-generated content and automatic scheduling. Charly saves time and increases engagement.

Automated promotion on all top social networks

Spend your time as effectively as possible
Get free visitors and convert them into customers!
Get unique texts generated by AI and better indexing of your site

How it works

Get your things done as easy as one, two, three


Install Charly on your Shopify store and connect the app to your social media accounts in one click


Make simple, one-time settings to let Charly begin auto-posting


Watch your social accounts fill up and grow

It easy

Powerful Features to Streamline Your Social Media

Get the most out of your social media with Charly's automation and AI-driven features, designed to save you time and increase engagement.

Automated Social Media Posting.
Charly enables you to schedule posts and products to be automatically published on your social media channels, saving you time and effort.
Multi-Channel Publishing.
Charly makes it easy to publish content to multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all from one platform.
Customizable Posting Intervals.
You can set custom intervals for your social media posts to reach your audience at the best time for engagement.
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It easy

Powerful Features

Get the most out of your social media with Charly's automation and AI-driven features

AI-Generated Texts.
Charly uses artificial intelligence to generate texts for your social media posts, ensuring that your content is engaging and relevant to your audience.
Analytics and Insights.
Charly provides detailed analytics and insights on your social media performance, helping to refine strategy and improve results.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What problem is solved by Charly?

Charly allows to automate processes related to the social networks management.

What does Charly do?

Charly can publish posts to social networks.

What does AI do?

It can generate texts for any request, as well as create texts for products.

Can Charly be used on any platform?

It can be used only on Shopify platform.

Can I use Charly for free?

Yes, you can check more details here.

Can I order an application setup?

Usually it is not difficult to understand the application - everything is intuitively clear. You can also find tutorials on app setup in our Knowledge Base or ask any question at.

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